Paddy cultivation

Re-cultivation of the present fallow paddy fields

Actions for that

  • construction of new spill
  • re construction of spill
  • Taking action to prevent damage caused by animals
  • Provision of fertilizer and financial assistance

Develop Tea cultivation

Actions for that

  • Subsidies for re-cultivation
  • Conducting counseling services

Develop coconut cultivation

Actions for that

  • Conducting awareness programs on cultivation of coconut

Develop rubber cultivation

Actions for that

  • Applying the fertilizer properly
  • Rain coverings,
  • Taking modern technology
  • Providing training on rubber tapping


The main medical center in the division is the Hiniduma Regional Hospital. There are 5 wards in 2017 and 85 beds.

  • Improving the facilities of this hospital and transforming them into a Base Hospital
  • Increase the number of offices of MOH offices and the central dispensaries in the division

Infrastructure facilities

Suggestions to improve passenger transport

  • Due to the development of roads, the running time of the buses should be reduced
  • Increase the frequency of running on the buses on the roads.
  • Prepare a specific program to operate the buses according to the day-schedule and continuously monitor the program.

Suggestions to improve Electricity

  • Provision of electricity to areas without electricity
  • Preventing sudden breakdowns

Natural resources

Black stones

About ½ of Grama Niladhari divisions in granite quarries located tibē. Black stones grinding mills around the area without the need for Neluwa pavatī.malgalla able to start many small and medium businesses eyi.ebævin, Thalangalla, Halvitigala example in areas such as areas of scattered resources to be shown.Black stones

Kithul cultivation

The Kithul trees scattered over an area of 2/3 GN divisions seen in small groups engaged in the field of Business preserve the natural resources of the area, and many were taken subsistence level income areas are available direct and indirect jobs that could generate large amounts.Palm cultivation

Treacle and jaggery production may be the confectionery production and by-products through this. And develop the quality of products and technology can be introduced. Broad market has been created.

The dairy cattle pastures and around

Dairy project can be carried out successfully since several cows for a suitable environmental condition areas. Ælaihala North ælaihala, kum̆burēgoḍa Habarakada West, Panangala, Eppala such areas are suitable. The project can contribute to a successful introduction of new varieties of beef and aid or loan program.The dairy cattle pastures and around

Tourism industry

Ginganga tactfully beautiful groves of beautiful waterfalls rajavangala Monastery, Calvary sacred, forest access road located Tawalama because local and foreign tourists have become novelists. The tourist guides, tourist resorts, fancy goods production and sales, production and sales of honey and jaggery, boats can be generated through the service.Tourism industry

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