With proper planning to achieve quality development which we view the Planning Division office will be conducting the following services to the Public in Thawalama

Implementation of divisional steering committee meetings

  • Conducting the Divisional Coordinating Committee
  • Conducting the Divsional Agriculture Comitte
  • Conducting the Environmental Committee

Implement the following programs

  • Centralized Budget Programme
  • Rural  Infrastructure development program
  • Rural Infrastructure Development Program - (RISP)
  • Regional level Construction of Non Turf Concrete Practice Pitch (Side Wickets)
  • Providing donations for temples affected by bad weather
  • Religious places development
  • Rehabilitation of roads damaged due to floods and landslides
  • Rural energies Program
  • Rural Economic Development Program
  • Southern Regional Development Program
  • Program for upgrading Difficult temples
  • The “Nila Sevana”construction
  • Multispectral Action Plan for Nutrition
  • Sanitary Ware for toilet construction

Other Line Ministries Affairs (Provincial Council and Central Government)

  • Implementation of development programs in agriculture / animal husbandry / housing / tourism sector
  • Implementation of Environment Development Programs 
  • Rural Economic Development
  • Enterprise development activities
  • Export Development Activities
  • Rural Development Activities
  • Small irrigation development activities
  • Census and statistics
  • Environment related activities

Registration of contractors 

Preparation of estimates for development projects

Supervision of the activities of the Development Officers attached to the divisions

News & Events


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Thawalam Flood - 2018

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